Granola Bars

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I got the idea for this recipe from my friends website here. I love how colorful these ingredients are together, and the texture of each of the different seeds and berries makes them so fun to eat. Sometimes my 2 year old seems to live off of these.


¾ c almonds or almond butter
10 dates
1 c peanut butter
4 T maple syrup
2 c rolled oats
1 c raw buckwheat groats
1 c sunflower seeds
½ c flax seeds
½ c pumpkin seeds
½ c hemp seeds
½ c unsweetened coconut (finely shredded)
⅓ c goji berries
⅓ c cacao nibs

1 t coconut oil to rub on hands before pressing bars into cookie sheet.


Blend or process in food processor the first 4 ingredients to make the glue that will hold the rest together.
Wet Ingredients

When I make these, I usually double the ingredients for the sticky part and use half of it to make these little balls rolled in coconut or cocoa powder. My kids really love these.
BallsFinished Balls

Next, mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl.
Dry IngredientsDry Ingredients Mixed

Scoop out all of the sticky stuff from the blender and mix into the dry ingredients (sometimes this is easier to do with your hands, just wash your hands well, especially under your fingernails, and remove any rings, etc.).
Ready for final mixing

Next, dump onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Then press down and into the corners to desired thickness. Depending on how well it is holding together, you could cut it into bars now, or after refrigerating for a while. I normally store these in the refrigerator, though they’ve never lasted more than a couple of days no matter how much I make.
Blob on Cookie SheetSpread on Cookie Sheet

Maybe the greatest thing about this recipe is how versatile it is. Practically every ingredient could be substituted with something else. I’ve used honey instead of maple syrup, almond butter instead of peanut butter, extra sweetener when I’m out of dates (though they really help add to the texture and help hold them together), dried cranberries or any dried fruit with or instead of goji berries, etc.
Finished Product

This is something that’s just really fun to experiment with and do differently every time I make it. It always turns out really yummy, the only difference is sometimes it doesn’t hold together well in bars (like when I added coconut oil to the blended ingredients or when I didn’t use any dates or peanut butter).

One note on these: Although these aren’t cooked, they aren’t actually considered raw unless you sprout (ie – soak for a few hours or more) any grains, seeds, or nuts before using them. I’m going to try this the next time I make them.

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  1. Rebecca Cook says:

    Liz, I made these and I’ve got to tell you, they were very tasty! The dates that I had on hand were the oat flour-covered pieces from The Good Earth, so I didn’t blend them in with the sticky ingredients, I just added them with the rest. That must be why my bars crumbled rather than staying in tact. So we enjoyed it as granola. Next time I will do it right. My hubby and son thought that the buckwheat was too hard and sharp, but the other five people I shared the granola with, and I liked it. Keep up the good work!