Expanded Ratings

Family Ratings

I have added new, expanded ratings for each recipe article. The new ratings include ratings from me, my husband, and a collective rating for our children. This will hopefully give a better idea of how family might react to each, especially the kids. We hope to also include a brief explanation from the kids as […]

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Thai Forbidden Rice Salad

Thai Rice Salad

I first came across Forbidden Rice in the bulk section at the Good Earth a few months ago. I brought some home, then did some research on it. That’s when I found this recipe. I felt the dressing was a bit too bitter so I added a little honey, and ginger since I had some […]

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Mango Rice Pudding

mango rice pudding finished product

This recipe is a cross between this Mango Sticky Rice often served in Thai restaurants and a rice pudding. I’ve made the mango sticky rice before and really enjoyed it, but wanted to make it more healthy; replacing a white rice with brown rice and quinoa and using pure maple syrup rather than sugar. Ingredients […]

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Granola Bars

granola finished product

I got the idea for this recipe from my friends website here. I love how colorful these ingredients are together, and the texture of each of the different seeds and berries makes them so fun to eat. Sometimes my 2 year old seems to live off of these. Ingredients ¾ c almonds or almond butter […]

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Green-Orange Julius

Green-Orange Julius - Finished Close-up

We drink a green smoothie every morning and this is one of my favorite. I love the simple ingredients and the texture and taste remind me of an Orange Julius. I also think it’s so fresh looking, smelling, and tasting; so nice to wake up to. Ingredients 1 cup Water 4 Oranges 1 bunch Kale […]

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