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Strawberry Almond Breakfast

It’s snowing heavy snowflakes that are melting when they hit the ground. But still, it’s April, and an overcast, snowy day isn’t so cheerful right now. So, I made a Summery breakfast (well, second breakfast, since green smoothies are always first). Ingredients 1 cup Strawberries, chopped 1/4 cup Raw Almonds, chopped 1/2 Tablespoon Chia Seeds […]

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Igor’s Favorite

Green-Orange Julius - Finished Close-up

We got stuck in a Citrus-herb green smoothie rut. This smoothie got us out of that rut. This recipe comes from the book, Green For Life, by Victoria Boutenko, page 163. Ingredients 2 cups Water 1 whole Banana 1/2 bunch Spinach 4 whole Apple peeled 1/2 whole Lime with peel Preparation Apples can make smoothies […]

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Apricot Lemonade

Apricot Lemonade, Finished Product

This is one of the many things my mom used to make in the Spring with what seemed to be an endless supply of apricots from our tree. For me it is such a nostalgic flavor of Spring. I don’t remember exactly how she made it. I think she used country time lemonade mix. Since […]

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Mango Rice Pudding

mango rice pudding finished product

This recipe is a cross between this Mango Sticky Rice often served in Thai restaurants and a rice pudding. I’ve made the mango sticky rice before and really enjoyed it, but wanted to make it more healthy; replacing a white rice with brown rice and quinoa and using pure maple syrup rather than sugar. Ingredients […]

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